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(46) 762 05 9100


(46) 762 05 9100

Our journey

We started our journey 2018, when our founder M. Nantorp was working as a model and discovered that models were traveling a lot but in their old sweatpants and hoodies. The reason was because they were comfortable but worn out.

He designed a loungewear set and gave it to a couple of models to try it out and to get some feedback. The response he was beyond his imagination.

Our first design

The first loungewear design came to life, a perfect traveling outfit for models. Our founder notices that not only the models were asking for the new loungewear, even girls traveling to and from work or school.

The first design was simple with a goal to be able to provide the most comfortable loungewear out there. We also wanted our design to have an edge, something different, something timeless.

the present

Today we are expanding our collections, to more variations of our design and more catagories.


Storkgatan 4B,
Gothenburg, 416 69 Sweden

(46) 762 05 9100