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Let your style showcase who you are

Let your style showcase who you are

Loungewear lets you express your style even in our most comfortable moments. Loungewear are cozy clothes with an elegant design, so you can go out and do errands and even social events and still look amazing.


The things is, every women has her own style. So when browsing the web for the perfect Loungewear Set, there is a lot to consider, attitude is one of them. Loungewear come in many different styles, Cozy, Elegant and some even Sensual is just a couple of examples.


Cozy is often referred to as the ”Girlfriend” style, the cute Loungewear Set which is perfect for that Grey's Anatomy marathon and your favorite Ben & Jerry flavor.


The Cozy Loungewear design is very gentle when it comes fit. It’s not too narrow around the waistline, often wider legs and wide arms which gives a perfect cozy feeling. Oversized Hoodie or T-Shirt is a common Loungewear style that has really become popular with time.


The Elegant style the most uncommon among these styles. It’s often seen on models or influencers but not as often in the everyday wardrobe. These designs is perfect when you go out shopping, you look amazing but it feels like you are walk around in your own living room.


The Elegant Loungewear design has a slimmer silhouette. The design has very straight lines, almost like a suit in a softer fabric. Like every suit, if it’s tailored well after the body, then it’s hard to beat.


Last but not least, the Sensual Loungewear. You can call it the ”Netflix & Chill” style, there is no better outfit to wear when you have your crush coming over and when you want to look your best but be as cozy as can be.


When it comes to design in the Sensual Loungewear, there are many variables to consider. Many think it’s just revealing and almost cheap looking, that’s not the case. This is what breaks Loungewear from other outfits, Loungewear is design to enhanced the female attributes. Crop Top is common design, but often taken too far. Sensual and revealing is not the same thing, a sensual design gives a hint of sensual tension while a common revealing design becomes more of a sexual feeling.


So there we have it, the three Loungewear styles: Cozy, Elegant & Sensual. Which style is your Loungewear Style?